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Are you looking for a reliable end of tenancy cleaners in London? Jako Cleaners Ltd is here to serve you as we have devoted staff to provide end of tenancy cleaning service.

Before leaving the rented property, tenants have to pay a lot of attention to the cleaning because they don't want any deduction in a deposit. We guarantee the client that they will get their deposit back 100% once we will do the job. If you feel like our professionals didn't do any task rightly, point out the flow instantly. Our team will not argue with you but clean the area again. As to us, customer satisfaction matters a lot.

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Why hiring our professional team for the end of tenancy cleaning is better?

During the relocation of the house, you need to manage many other tasks. At that time, taking cleaning responsibility and doing it entirely is not easy. The chances are there that you miss a spot without knowing. Later, during the inspection, the landlord finds out about it and make the deduction from the deposit. At that time, you cannot do anything

Jako Cleaners Ltd is professionals and serving client for some time now. We use the right, and advanced equipment's to do the cleaning well and in less time. Our cleaners are trained and have knowledge about everything. They know well what the landlord's psyche is, so they make a strategy to manage the process accordingly. While working, our goal is one, the condition of the property meets your landlord expectations.

  1. • The cleaning products we use for end of tenancy cleaning are eco-friendly. None of our products has dangerous toxins that can damage the property, environment or health.
  2. • We have special solutions that we use to remove stubborn stains, whether they are on furniture or anywhere else.
  3. • All our cleaners are experienced. While working, they guarantee the client a clean and shiny property that will surely impress a property owner.
  4. • To us, the quality of the service matters the most. Our cleaners only leave the property when everything gets done nicely. The time of the process mainly depends on the size of the property.
  5. • We clean all the appliances present in the house, as the owner also checks them.
  6. • In case you are too busy with relocation, you can trust our team with a key pick-up. It makes things even more convenient for customers.
  7. • While our team is working, our representative does the inspection regularly to make sure quality is there. As our customer, you also get a report of everything that is done.
  8. • To get rid of germs and viruses, we also do Antiviral Sanitization if customer request.

Moreover, Jako cleaners Ltd comes with dedicated support and customer care. Furthermore, you also get flexibility while booking our service, do it online or call us.

Checklist for end of tenancy cleaning:

Kitchen cleaning

  1. • Oven cleaning: Degrease and clean the oven nicely is important. We pay attention to every little part of the appliance, from hob to grill. Our team also clean the rubber seal.
  2. • Fridge: Fridge is an appliance that goes through a lot on a daily basis. Children touch it with dirty hands, or sometimes you spill something inside. Our cleaners make sure you eliminate all mildew, grime and food particle. We clean the fridge from top to bottom, making sure not even finger prints left on it.
  3. • Microwave: In the kitchen microwave also need special need attention, and our cleaner doesn't forget about it. They clean the exterior and interior of it along with a handle and rotating plate.
  4. • Other than the kitchen appliances, our team of cleaners clean the cupboard and drawers present in the house too. As most of the time, people touch the handle with dirty hands.
  5. • Cleaning or tiles and walls is also included in the process.
  6. • Later we also vacuum and mop the floor nicely.

Bathroom cleaning

  1. • The process begins with the removal of hairs from the bathtub, toilet, shower, and sink drains.
  2. • Mop the floor nicely and make sure to remove fingerprints too.
  3. • We clean all the taps and other fittings thoroughly.
  4. • The team do deep cleaning of a soap dispenser, sink and cabinets present in the bathroom.
  5. • The cleaning of towel rail with a clean cloth.
  6. • Proper cleaning or mirror and tiles.
  7. • Cleaning of the extractor fan, as they contain a lot of dust and dirt.

Other areas

  1. • Our team do proper cleaning of doors ad doors frames present in the house. We also clean the windows from outside and inside, as a lot of dirt is present there.
  2. • Our team also do proper dusting of the furniture. We make sure tables surfaces look smooth. We move sofas and other furniture to clean the dust from beneath.
  3. • Removal of cobwebs and dusting of woodwork, walls, ceilings and vents. We even do vacuuming if required.
  4. • Proper cleaning of mirrors and pictures if present in the house.
  5. • Removal of fingerprints from switches and sockets.

On-time end of tenancy cleaning service:

Jako Cleaners Ltd, make sure to finish the whole cleaning process on time. Our team is punctual. They arrive at the property on time and make plans that allow them to clean the property, mainly before time. All this happen because not only our cleaners our well-trained but they have used advanced equipment too.

Affordable service charges:

We like to tell our clients that our service charges are quite reasonable. You only pay for the service you get from us. Moreover, we make sure not a single penny of yours go to waste. For your satisfaction, you can even compare our service charges with our competitors. We are sure you will see a clear difference. Moreover, fewer charges don’t mean we compromise on the quality. So, don't you worry about anything.

Lastly, our service charges are fixed. So, don't you worry, later at the end of the service, you might have to pay more. To us, transparency is the key, as it is the only way to win customers trust.

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Don't waste any more time; if you search for the end of tenancy cleaners, contact Jako Cleaners Ltd and book the service today. If you have any question in mind related to our service, feel free to talk with our customer support need. They will answer all your questions and assist you nicely.

However, if you are in search of some other services like office cleaning, residential cleaning or carpet cleaning, we offer that too. In short, you got all type of cleaning services under one roof. So, don't waste time looking here and there. Just give us a chance, and Jako Cleaners Ltd will not disappoint you.

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